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New music service sings a different tune

Saturday, October 18th, 2003

For several years, one of the hottest topics in ebusiness has been what will happen with online music.

A generation of young people has grown up downloading and listening to music through unauthorized services. The mainstream music industry has responded with lawsuits and anti file-sharing advertising campaigns. It’s left a lot of people wondering if the world of music and the Internet would ever get along.

Magnatune is an interesting new ebusiness that is taking its cues from the success of open source software distribution. Magnatune is applying ideas from the world of open source software development to the world of music. They are doing this by licensing music with a Creative Commons license that lets people freely copy and share songs over the Internet.

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Is your site sticky?

Tuesday, March 18th, 2003

The dot-com world can be a strange one. It’s a world where people wonder what their cookies know about them. It’s a world where privacy policies tell you how companies are going to use your personal information. It’s even a place where your backend does all the work!

One of the strangest things in the strange world of e-business, though, is the concept of sticky web sites. Why would anybody want their site to be “sticky”?

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Converting Applications to Wireless

Friday, May 18th, 2001

Many companies are interested in converting existing web applications to be available wirelessly. This article, at IBM’s web site, discusses how wireless Internet sites work, and features our recommendations for adapting applications to work with cell phones and other wireless Internet devices.

Converting Applications to Wireless

An introduction to RSS news feeds

Friday, November 10th, 2000

Many companies are looking for ways to share content with other sites, and to incorporate third party content, too. This article, from IBM’s developer site, discusses how state-of-the-art techniques can be used to do this!

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